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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter Day ~ California Cowgirl Style

Remember back in September when I went to the Draft Horse Classic? There was  30% chance of rain. I said, " Oh, 30% means we will be fine!" I ended up buying a coat, freezing my hiney off and going home early because the 30% chance turned into a downpour of epic proportions. 

A few years ago, in March, I went to the Gold N Grand Show at Rancho Murietta? My friends said," Oh, don't go! It's going to rain!" I said, " I'm not made of sugar. I'm going and it will be fun. A little bit of rain won't stop me." It ended up being one of the worst weekends of my life! The rain poured down like God had forgotten to turn off the tap. Along with driving wind and a spooky horse, my RV almost flooded. 

It is January now. There is nary a drop of rain to be seen. The hills are barren and parched. So I've made a list of a few fun things to do on a California Winters Day.

Krisy and Diva

1. Practice your Showmanship. One good thing about having no rain is there is also no mud to dirty up a perfectly white mare.

2. Spend the day in your jammies watching old movies. So what that it isn't raining! Take some time just for YOU!

3. Curl up on the couch with something you love. A new toy, a big dog...whatever makes you happy.

 4.Go to the Coast (we don't call it the Beach this far North.) 

5. Take this opportunity to have a water fight. since we've officially been declared a 'disaster', water is soon to be rationed. Anyone remember the 70's and the rationing we endured then? Seven long years of  watering your plants with grey water, dirty trucks and, " If it's yellow, let it mellow". 

6.Play Dress-Up! You are NEVER too old to play Dress-up!


7.Go out and chase a few cows. Somehow that makes me feel a little better.


8.Enjoy a refreshing drink with a friend. I like Vodka and water and then I leave out the water.


9. Practice your Play Day moves. You never know when you'll need to keep an egg on a spoon.

10. Take a long slow trip. Why not? It's not like it's going to rain and spoil your day.

There are no rain clouds on the horizon, just big empty skies.

But I have a sure fire solution of how to make it rain in my neck of the woods....

 I just have to go to a horse show. That always seems to work!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Me and Mick Jagger

It was a brilliant sun shiny day today, so I went out to ride Rem. As I slung the saddle up onto his back, I winced in pain. My left shoulder gets a cramp sometimes, but I pushed through it and cinched up.
" Uh!" I thought, " Someday I won't be able to get this  saddle up on his back! Then what on Earth am I gonna do?" I remembered a woman here in the Bay Area rode until she was nearly 100, and I wondered how she managed to saddle her own horse. I live by the adage, " Saddle your own horse," so it's something I decided I might need to find out.
I put it out of my mind, hoping that it would be a long way off.
As I stepped into the stirrup, I had to take an extra 'bounce' before getting the momentum to lift myself aboard. I took some small amount of satisfaction in the knowledge that quite a few of my compatriots use a step, knowing that too soon I may be among their number.

When I got home, I made a sandwich and turned on Palladium channel. They were playing 'Shine a Light', and there he was, singing and dancing like a 30 year old. Mick F'ing Jagger.

He's not a big guy, but boy he rules the stage. He wears tight pants. He shows his midriff. He sings and runs up and down. He exudes sex, and the women, most appearing to be in their 20's, were screaming and dancing and trying to get him to notice them.

I watch and think, " SIR Mick is 70.Sir Mick has a 16 year old daughter. Sir Mick is a Great Grandfather. "

In the immortal words of the insurance commercial, " Amazeballs!"

Sir Mick has twenty years on me!
Does he get up in the morning and say," Oh, my legs hurt!"
Does he say, " Oh, I just don't feel like dancing in front of thirty thousand people today."
Has he remained the biggest Rock Star in the Universe by sitting still and growing old?


My admiration knows no bounds.

 Sir Mick, if you can get up in the morning and go to work, so can I.
Thank You Sir!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Little Boxes

'Little boxes on the hillside
Little boxes made of ticky tacky
Little boxes on the hillside
And they all look just the same'

I read an interesting article today in the San Francisco Chronicle about a man who has 'pioneered' the Tiny House 'movement'. According to the article, this man lives in a house that is less than 400 square feet. He is touting these smaller homes for the new millennium home owners. He says they are 'greener' and much more cost efficient. He sites the Japanese as his inspiration. His company builds them and sells them. Some of you may have even seen them, they look like little log cabins on wheels.

He says in the article that he envisions a whole community of these tiny abodes built around a central meeting house. A commune, as it were.
NEWS ALERT!  The World is full of very small housesI watch HGTV.  I know there are families living in tree houses, boats,cabooses, lighthouses,tents,yurts,horse boxes on wheels and ex-Greyhound buses. There are families living in cardboard boxes, under bridges and in the garages of their ex wives grandmothers house.  I'd say that those things qualify as tiny houses.
Some are even what you would consider 'green'.
I grew up in a small house. At least with five sisters, one brother, a Mom, a Dad and several various and sundry animals it seemed small.

It's not that I find the idea of a small cozy retreat a bad one- I think it sounds charming. I can picture myself tucked into a tiny little cabin with a cup of tea and a wireless router,gazing out of the tiny window at the big wide world.
And that would never be.

*** Sigh***

 I find that small means much more work. More work paring down to essentials. More work not disturbing your 'mates'. More work keeping everything in its place. More work keeping your sanity.

And face it, as American's we want BIG. Big houses, big yards, big garages to put our big cars in. We'd probably skip the big mortgage to go with those things, but you can't have everything.

I hated living in a tiny house. The day to day struggle of where to put everything drives me around the bend. If I had a bad day, there was no where to go to chill out that wasn't already occupied.It's true that  familiarity breeds contempt. Isn't part of the punishment of going to Jail  to live in close confinement with someone else?

As I read further into the article, this architect drops the fact that , well yes, his living space with his family is only 400 sq feet- but his office- well that is another 400 sq feet! And it is connected to the main living space with a covered walkway ( like a habitrail!). And yes; he spends his entire waking hours there! More than likely sans wife and children who are busy putting everything back into their 'cubbies'.

Ah Ha!

I rest my case...